Ravencoin is a peer-to-peer blockchain, handling the efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another.


Latest News

August 27th

Ravencoin release 2.5.1 is now available
This is a critical update for you to remain on the main chain. We are recommending that all nodes should update to this release as soon as possible to make sure that you are ready when the algorithm swaps on October 1st. If you do not upgrade, you will not be on the correct chain after Oct 1st 2019 16:00:00 UTC.

Available here:
If you would like to compile it yourself, use the master branch from the Ravencoin offical github repo.

July 23rd

RAVENX - A Ravencoin Asset Exchange is now live!

Ravenland is proud to announce RavenX.
Please note: This software is still in testing and therefore subject to change or maintenance.
More info here:

July 8th

Wallet Version 2.4.0 is now available - Update

This version patches a wallet networking bug inherited from Bitcoin.

June 26th

Ravencoin Community Survey

We are looking to gather some data on what members of the Ravencoin community think about ASIC mining.
Thank you for spending your time helping us build a better future for Ravencoin.

June 24th

Testnet Update - Restricted Asset Tokens & Messaging

If you are wanting to test restricted assets on testnet, we need to start voting it in. Please go to the link below and use the builds located in the Restricted-Assets-Testnet-Build folder you can start to support restricted assets on testnet.

June 8th

April 29th

Ravencoin Europe Meetup 2019 on June 19th at RAI, Amsterdam.

The Meetup will be held during Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 where over 10,000 attendees, 500+ speakers and 300+ exhibitors come together to talk about the development of cutting edge blockchain technologies. We invited Ravencoin Core lead developer Tron Black as main speaker.
More Information Here @

March 12th

Messaging on Testnet is now live.

Download your testnet binaries. IMPORTANT: Testnet binaries are for testnet only. If you use them on mainnet, use at your own risk
Download the testnet binaries here, or build the develop branch and test it out.

February 22nd

The QT wallet version 2.2.2 is now available
This release improves the wallet sync speeds and requires less memory.

February 1st

The QT wallet version 2.2.1 is now available
This release improves the wallet sync speeds and addressed a potential bug.

December 21st

Second annual Ravencoin Salt Lake City meetup
March 15th 2019 from 6:30-9:00 pm MST
At the Overstock™ Peace Coliseum
799 Coliseum Way · Midvale Utah

View the event @

December 18th

Digital Securities Token Transfer on Ravencoin network issued from Chainstone Labs to Medici Ventures

December 12th

TokenizEU Chooses Ravencoin Over Ethereum For Security Token Issuance

TokenizEU, a European-based platform which aims to help companies issue EU-compliant security tokens, has committed to using Ravencoin as a part of their services. Despite Ethereum developing a strong reputation for security token standards, TokenizEU has provided six primary reasons as to why their preference lies in Ravencoin. Read the full article here

November 27th CEO Patrick Byrne Mentions Ravencoin on Fox Business Network

October 29th

October 11th

Ravencoin to be listed on Binance 10/12/2018




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Ravencoin was launched in the interest of fair distribution. Miners from all around the world have added to the network to create one of the strongest decentralized networks in existence.  There was no ICO, no pre-mine, no masternodes, or any other gimmicky feature, and you can mine RVN using AMD or NVIDIA GPUs.


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