Membership Token


Pay RBC4ifUovKhN2ayMmFjY95gDVdncXAZNQX 500RVN to receive your Membership Token

We will process your membership right away and you will receive GETRAVENCOIN.ORG/MEMBERSHIP
Membership features will roll out as they are added to Ravencoin. Starting with News, Updates and Media Links(Messaging) Q1 2019.


The Latest News, Updates and Media from the Ravencoin community.

Every day content is being created by the Ravencoin community. Developers are giving updates, people are tweeting, posting videos to Youtube, commenting on Github pull requests, and making announcements on Discord or Telegram. Those links and more will be delivered directly to your wallet through your membership token. Never miss a beat with Our team has access to all the channels and we work together to provide a steady stream of valuable content to you wallet.


Our membership fee goes directly back into the community! We will hold special events and contests to give away Ravencoin.

Vote as a Community

Ravencoin is a truly decentralized network. Decisions need to be made as a community in order to reach consensus. Voting with your membership token provides a platform for you and the community as a whole to have a say with a fair process. The voting results will be displayed on and other Ravencoin channels.