Token Voting System

The ownership token will allow you to ask a question, hold a poll and collect votes from the token holders.

More information Coming 2019!

From the Whitepaper:

β€œOne of the problems, among many, with the existing US financial system is that all the shares are held in street name. In this age of fast communication, this makes holding a vote ridiculously difficult. A public company that issues shares on Nasdaq, as an example, will have to pay a quasimonopoly company just to get the mailing addresses of their own shareholders at a given point in time. Then, a physical (dead tree) mailing must be sent out to shareholders with information on how to vote along with a proxy voting form.

By using the messaging system, the holders of a token can be notified of the vote, and by automatically issuing a VOTE token to every holder of a token, the vote can be automated from the client or through a web or mobile interface using the protocol built into Ravencoin.

Tokens are created to represent votes. Ravencoin will create an exact number of VOTE tokens and distribute them 1:1 to the token holders. These votes can be sent via the protocol to addresses that tally the votes. Because the voting tokens move the same way as assets, delegation of votes - sometimes known as delegative or liquid democracy is possible.”


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